Our story

Ren Bishop Luebbering, Chief Inspiration Officer

It all started with a Myspace account more than a decade ago, and Ren Bishop Luebbering was hooked. Now, her dream is helping small businesses expand and engage with their target audience. She's managed social media accounts big and small with a variety of business objectives both professionally since 2011 and for Checkmate Consulting clients since 2013. Plus, she's well versed in all social media platforms, and she's an online marketer by trade, able to produce engaging and influential e-newsletters and e-blasts.  Want to learn more about her story? Email her and she might bake you brownies.

Kevin Luebbering, Director of Legal Services

Kevin Luebbering is a thinker and a dreamer, but mostly a thinker. As director of legal services and a practicing attorney, Kevin provides Checkmate clients an extra level of brand security. From contracts to intellectual property and copyright infringement, Kevin is on hand to answer your brand identity legal questions. But most importantly, Kevin serves as Checkmate's resident grill master and literature (comic book) expert. Email him and he might grill you a pizza.