3 Questions To Complete a 5-Minute Social Media Audit

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You post to it every week. You spend money promoting your content. You create and develop and monitor and optimize.

But have you ever really looked at your business' social media accounts?

If it's been too long since you scrolled down your page and looked at all your social media accounts and their content comprehensively, it's time to conduct a Social Media Audit. But before you pay a consultant to complete a massive deep dive, ask these three questions to complete a 5-Minute Social Media Audit.

1. Would you follow your own account?

Many of the followers you've acquired have stumbled upon your account some time or another and followed, liked or subscribed to your content. But would you? Take a serious look at your content and see if it provides immediate value to you as a potential customer. Do you post exclusive discounts? Do you provide value to your service clients for engaging with them on social media? Do you educate or entertain your followers? 

Solution: If you wouldn't follow your account, you need to create content that provides value.

2. Is your account visually appealing?

Gone are the days of selfies and low-quality video. Increasingly brands, even small businesses, are spending big money to make their accounts shiny, slick and superficially beautiful. Accounts now have curb appeal, and your account should, too. If you're a realtor, are the photos you're sharing of your homes for sale well lit, striking and eye catching? If you're a boutique, are you sharing clothes on a mannequin, or are you using models (your employees) to wear the outfits you create? Are you sharing videos that are well lit and horizontal? If your content doesn't look good, then people won't follow.

Solution: If your content isn't pretty, you need to invest in a better camera or a better content creator to ensure that accounts have great curb appeal.

3. Is your account consistently being updated?

The number of posts a day, a week you post on social media accounts varies, but in our experience, every social media account to be effective should be updated at least once a week. If you scroll through and see that your Facebook page has only two posts for the month of July, that's not enough. You need to create a plan or, even easier, a content to-do list weekly. The average Facebook post has a lifespan of less than two hours. Your social media accounts only work when you're posting regularly, consistently.

Solution: Create a plan to regularly post content on your business' social media account or hire someone who can do it for you.

You've just completed a 5-Minute Social Media Audit on your accounts yourself. But if you want a deeper dive and look into your business' social media accounts, contact Checkmate Consulting for a free consultation.