Know your client, know your farmer

At Checkmate Consulting, we're proud to represent businesses that are the best at what they do. From logistics management to custom embroidery, our clients believe in quality over quantity. They believe in building relationships, not profit margins. They believe in their services, not their market share.

But most of all, they believe in their product.

We're proud to announce that another brand that embodies the values we hold dear is joining our family. Join us as we welcome Circle B Ranch, a pasture-raised pork farm based in Seymour, Missouri. Marina and John Backes are passionate about their pork, and we're excited to share that passion with current and prospective customers.

Circle B Ranch is your Source for 100% pasture and humanely raised Berkshire Pork from the Ozarks.

Join us as we welcome Circle B Ranch to our growing list of clients.