A (nearly) finished project

It's been a busy summer.

After returning from Italy, Greece and Turkey in May, I dove right into the biggest web development project Checkmate has conquered to date. In June, I shared with you the three big goals for this project: websites would feature a conversational tone, skimmable, engaging content and multiple conversion opportunities, including big, splashy contact us forms, automatically generated email responses and bios for staff members. 

On June 17, I presented a mock-up to the dean of technical education. With his enthusiastic approval, I embarked on a 200-hour project to execute his vision to better market these incredible programs and support the school's mission of providing quality technical education for local students.

And on Aug. 23, the last of these 21 department websites went live.

In the three weeks since its sitewide launch on OTC's first day of the fall semester, Checkmate has received numerous pieces of positive feedback on the functionality of the new department landing pages. Plus, in the first week alone, the technical education division received numerous emails from the contact forms on department pages from stakeholders and students seeking information during off-hours and online. 

But with any project that large, there are a last few tweaks and edits to make. Small line edits that were missed during proofing, reviewing the institution's style guide to ensure that web copy is consistent with brand standards and two minor, simple appearance changes to two department landing pages -- all work yet to be done. But it's work that we're excited to continue until this project will be exactly where and how the client wants it to look.

From pitch to implementation, we're more than six months into this major project at Checkmate Consulting. But we are so excited to be able to continue on this journey to excellence for OTC, a commitment we make for every brand to take them further.