So many agencies promise big goals and bigger impact on your bottom line. But at Checkmate Consulting, we focus on two things: building relationships and building results. Rome wasn't build in a day, but our clients share how Checkmate Consulting built success for their brand online.

Dr. Matt Hudson
Dean of Technical Education
Ozarks Technical Community College | Springfield, MO

Checkmate has been instrumental in updating our online footprint. In the Technical Education division of Ozarks Technical Community College, our website content is now succinct, relevant, and standardized so the end user can benefit when they are navigating our pages to learn more about programs we offer, find useful resources, or how to contact us. From the beginning of our working relationship, we met with specific objectives and Checkmate provided a written plan and timeline to follow.  They delivered on their promise. Ren and her team quickly approached various supervisors and faculty to build a relationship with those individuals as she built out their websites.  She was solution-focused and goal-oriented so the deliverable was spot on. For the expertise, the value, and the good customer service, Checkmate would my choice again above any other firm, and I would fully recommend their services to others.


Jim Mason
Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care
Schweitzer UM Church | Springfield, MO

Checkmate Consulting gives us the focus and impact we need with social media. Checkmate Consulting requires us to articulate our objectives monthlyso as to be aligned in communicating with the public we serve and hope to serve.  We can count on Checkmate Consulting to provide us a steady presence on various platforms; in fact, we can expect a defined amount of posts per our contract. They're available to meet our needs and provide us feedback/results that are explained verbally and in writing.  Checkmate Consulting is timely too.  I wholeheartedly recommend them in raising your social media presence in the community served!

Interested in the numbers? Read a sample progress report.

Marina Backes
Founder and Owner
Circle B Ranch | Seymour, MO

Before I met Ren Luebbering, I had used two other companies for social media.  I have to say that I was very frustrated for one very big reason: They did not listen; they did not get it.  Being a Berkshire Hog Farmer and also producer and seller of shelf stable products, there are many facets to our business.  It required someone to understand farming as well as food.  We sell an upscale product and Ren understands what goes into selling that product.  She is great with graphics and our customers love the well worded and placed ads on Facebook.  Ren is easy to get in touch with and likes feedback.  I find her to be very easy to work with and she is full of fun and inventive ideas.

I would recommend Ren to any of my peers or friends.  She is always spot on, very reliable and her work is impeccable. To me and my company, these qualities are very important to me and the message that we are trying to get across to our customers.


Linda Kay Backes
Owner and Operator
Linda Kay's Creations | Meta, MO

Checkmate Consulting was extremely helpful in setting up a custom website for my Etsy shop, Linda Kay's Creations. We had some difficulties connecting with my concept for the website initially, but Ren Bishop Luebbering's continuous communication with me was awesome. She kept asking questions until we ended up with a website that not only I love, but my customers love, too. And after we launched? She spent two hours with me in person training me on how to update my website myself on Wordpress, and she provided me with a written guide on how to update my product galleries on my own website. I love my website by Checkmate Consulting!



Founder and Owner
Bishop Enterprises | Nixa, MO

When we decided to create a social media presence for our business, some of our goals were to make sure that it was timely, relevant, and active.  We specifically did NOT want to have social media accounts that were essentially “placeholders” but lacking content. Checkmate Consulting addressed these goals and objectives by posting timely and relevant content to our sites on a regular basis and by actively managing our sites for us. They also helped us develop a social media brand and identity which was simple, yet attractive. They were quick to forward any contacts from customers, vendors, suppliers, or prospective employees to us so that we could respond timely. Furthermore, Checkmate Consulting always responded timely to our proposals for content posting or to our social media questions.  They made a concerted effort to try to understand our business and industry so that posts to our sites would be accurate, and they listened to our suggestions.

We would recommend Checkmate Consulting without hesitation.

Diet Center Cincinnati | Cincinnati, OH

We opened our center in the Fall of 2015 and knew the importance of social media. We were unaware how difficult it could be managing social media! That is when Checkmate Consulting came to our rescue. This past year, our Facebook page has grown from 44 likes to 643 likes for a 1361% growth.  This has benefited our small center by helping brand our name in a new market and giving us credibility as we grow our business.

Checkmate Consulting helps in our advertising and creative marketing of our brand. We love the casual but professional customer service that is provided. We can reach them by email, imessage or ichat at a moment's notice. Ren is so innovative, creative and fresh with her content. We highly recommend Checkmate Consulting!


Helwig Realty | Springfield, MO

I just recently started my own business in real estate and had no idea the depth of today's marketing. I didn't even know what Instagram was or that you could create advertisements utilizing Facebook. Ren is a close friend, and I was aware of her precise talents. So in the vastness of my utter confusion concerning any kind of marketing, especially social media, I reached out. A simple lunch dow town with her opened my eyes to possibilities that were otherwise unknown to me. Checkmate Consulting has given me hope through a difficult start-up and framed various goals I can zero in on for future achievements. One of those goals is a weekly #TipTuesday video that shares a real estate tips with my growing follower base on Facebook. From these weekly videos, I have acquired two clients! I can honestly say before my connection with Checkmate Consulting and the brains behind it all, most of what I've accomplished thus far would have taken much more time, if happened at all. Thank you Ren for your skills, talents and help.

Executive Team Member
Springfield Toastmasters | Springfield, MO

Our meeting with Ren Bishop Luebbering started by discussing our organization and the goals that we wanted to achieve. We appreciated that the information shared with us was personalized based on this information. It is clear while working with Ren that she is an expert in her field and knew just the right areas for us to focus. We left the meeting confident that we had a strategic plan that would help us reach our goals and excited to get started.