Facebook Best Practices for Business Owners (Free E-Book)


Every day, there is a new gimmick for business owners to make money on Facebook. Add an emoji to your caption. Do a Facebook live video on a Thursday afternoon. Share a cat picture to increase your engagement. Dance in a giveaway video to increase your video views.

From our four years of experience, there are 9 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Business Owners Make. But what are the absolute, must-do action steps business owners should take to make their Facebook page profitable? 

We answer that question in our 12-page Facebook Best Practices Guide.

With this 15-minute read, you'll learn:

  • How to write Facebook posts that shareworthy for your customers
  • How to set a tone on Facebook that matches your business and your target customer
  • How to determine the right number of posts for your Facebook page every week
  • How to craft social media campaigns that make your customers ambassadors for your business