Simplify to maximize with Diet Center - Cincinnati

With Diet Center - Cincinnati, it's all in the family.

In November 2015, a college friend reached out to us to help her mother and aunt's new weight loss business thrive with social media management. The twin sisters Carol and Claudia were business saavy but struggling to maintain an active presence on their Center's Twitter and Facebook pages. Together, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy for the brand, helping the Facebook page to go from 44 likes to nearly 1,000 in less than 18 months. Read Diet Center's testimonial.

Along the way, Checkmate helped build a reputation for the brand online, while the owners were building a foundation of success. The twins grew their business from a handful of clients in the fall of 2015 to exploring expansion later this year. But like the daughter helped launch Diet Center - Cincinnati's social media presence, her brother helped launch the business with a website designed as a project for a college class.

The Center's website was fine. It served its purpose; it had information about the business' mission, programs and services. It was visually interesting, and structurally, it was sound. But like his sister, Checkmate Consulting picked up where the son had left off to help the twin sisters develop and design a simplified user experience on their website.


As opposed to its original look and feel, Carol and Claudia wanted a simple, mobile-friendly, no-fuss website with multiple conversion opportunities. View the finished website.

We added a coupon in the sidebar of every page with $50 off graphic if users scrolling through converted to booked appointments. We removed a lot of clutter with program pages and instead focused on how every program at Diet Center - Cincinnati is personal with a one-stop "Win at Losing" program page. And we added a powerful page for the weight loss brand: Our Results. The page features simple snapshots of before and afters of real Diet Center - Cincinnati clients. These aren't professional, well-lit before and after shots with hair and make up. This page features real people getting real results in the clothes they're wearing after work.

The level of authenticity in both the copy and the images, including multiple nods to Carol and Claudia throughout the site, makes the Center website feel deeply personal. Visitors get to know the Center by reading recent health tips in blog posts and Claudia and Carol's personal mission statements, entering into a valuable, personal relationship before customers place a first call. That personal connection is a core value to Diet Center - Cincinnati's brand, and it subtly is on display throughout.

And like Diet Center - Cincinnati, this website is focused on results. Less than three days after its May 1 launch, Claudia reached out to let us know that a new customer had called to book an appointment after browsing the Center's website at her daughter's track meet. Six months ago, a call like that would've been a rarity. But by now providing website management services, we hope together, it'll soon become an expectation.